Nullus locus sine genio – or there is no place without ‘spirit’, which the Romans called genius.  The spirit of the place was called genius loci. The spirit or genius guarded the place’s singularity, giving it an animated character and making it unique and different from all other places. The Romans believed that apart from places, there is also no person without their individual genius, who was thought to be the person’s guardian spirit. The root of the word genius derives from the Indo-European word gen-‘ to produce, the same root of the words generate, or generations.  The root of the word spirit comes from the Latin spiritus meaning breathing or wind, with connotations such as breath of a god or breath of life, leading to inspiration.

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  1. Thank you for all your work; it has kept me sane through this inhumane ordeal called ‘lockdown’. I wish you were on the Signal platform too.


  2. Please pass to Mike Yeadon. He asks for help to get to as many people as possible to illustrate the real horrors of the encroaching dark winter (or more correctly) dark eternal world.

    He has to establish nests of sympathisers in every location he can. Start with counties and then cities. Each nest be devoted to spreading the word, creating an alternative society within the corrupted society and giving friendship, practical help and food to those they live amongst.
    Each nest should be established by friends that know each other (to prevent Establishment infiltration). As nests expand amongst known people in a locality you spread the word by doing good deeds, loving the unloved and feeding the poor…essentially doing the opposite of the dictators.
    Politics, the media and health workers are a lost cause. Their loyalty has been bought for the usual 30 pieces of silver style scam. But as time goes by you’ll come across health workers that know the scam and you can employ them as front line workers to provide basic health care to the vulnerable and through them spread the world.
    To keep matters cohesive you must publish a periodical which you write, originate and print yourself. Printers are traditionally revolutionaries so you’ll find amongst them people to help you if printing off a few thousand copies is too much for you. In the old days when trade unions were banned in the UK prior to 1914 children were used as couriers between one group of trade unionists and another. The police would imprison adults without trial if found with literature but tended not to suspect children.
    You could study early trade unionism to understand how to do it or look at modern movements like the Nordic Resistance groups that use the nest principle. (You May not agree with their politics but it is their method of organising that we are talking about.)
    Hope this helps.


  3. To Mike Yeadon,
    The advantage of the nest system is that it is apolitical and they must stay apart from Establishment organisations like the Church, NGOs and charities. By staying fiercely independent and fund raising locally in cash donations only the nests can maintain their integrity. Communication online should be discouraged since it is insecure. Even supposedly secure email addresses can be compromised. Eventually you will have to set up a system of motor cycle and bicycle couriers to be certain of secure communications. The internet is too compromised.

    Essentially you are creating an organisation for the unvaccinated but if you are successful you’ll find many disillusioned vaxed wanting to join. In which case you start to organise nests for the vaxed which are either part of established nests or become new nests.

    Eventually you’ll reach a critical point which local funding won’t be able to deal with. And (since you are excluded from main stream finance) will result in the natural disintegration of your nest system. Thus you need to plan right from the start that at some indeterminate date your organisation will naturally move from national (which is the natural start point) to regional. Unless you incorporate this from the start your organisation will collapse at some critical point.
    It is essential that nests only take new members from the known local community and that these new members put their money where their mouth is. You need cash so you are looking at members giving £20 a month as a membership fee. You can’t organise this on a wish and a prayer. You must be fiercely practical.

    You do not need ‘good luck’ if you plan it properly and then update your plan every quarter (or every month if need be) AND stick to it.


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