Below is an edited version of a proclamation published in the One State Gazette in the 26th century. It has been transcribed from Yevgeny Zamyatin’s account in the book We.

One thousand years ago your heroic ancestors subdued the whole Earth to the power of the One State.

However, your accomplishment will be even more glorious: you will complete Universe’s infinite equation, with the aid of the INTEGRAL: the fire-breathing, electric, glass Spaceship!

You will bring the benevolent yoke of reason to the necks of those unknown beings, beings in on other planets who may still be living in that primitive state known as freedom. 

If they refuse to understand this mathematically infallible happiness that we offer them, it will be our duty to force them to be happy.

However, before using the power of weapons, we will try the power of words.

Therefore, in the name of The Benefactor, all the numbers of the One State are hereby notified of the following:

1.- Everyone capable of doing so, is required to compose tracts, odes, manifestos, poems, or other works praising the beauty and the grandeur of the One State.

2. This precious cargo will be the first to be transported by the Integral.




Sounds familiar? It was written in 1921. Read more: We

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