pasolini torre albero
Pier Paolo Pasolini at the tower of the ancient village of Chia, near Viterbo, Italy
Those who want “growth” in that sense are those who produce; that is the industrialists. And, as “growth” in Italy is this growth, they are more exactly those industrialists who produce superfluous goods. Technology (applied science) has created the possibility of a practically unlimited industrialization, of a solidly transnational character. The consumers of superfluous goods, on their part, irrationally and unknowingly agree in wanting “growth” (this growth). For them it means social advancement and liberation, with a consequent repudiation of the cultural values that had provided them with the models of being the “poor”, the “workers”, the “savers”, the “soldiers”, the “believers”. The “masses” are therefore for “growth”: but they live this ideology only existentially, and existentially they carry the new values of consumerism. This does not deny that their choice is decisive, triumphalist and adamant.
The model which environmental or ecological awareness places under threat is the “growth” based model of industry based capitalism.
It is the “growth” based model of industrial capitalism which is the main driving force behind the production of superfluous goods.
It is the industrial production of superfluous goods which is the main driving force behind today’s dominant ideology of mass consumerism.
The environmental problem this raises is that there are not enough resources, not enough nature to pursue a growth based industrial model of capitalism and save the planet’s ecology at the same time, given that industrial capitalism comes intrinsic and intertwined with the mass production of superfluous goods and the ideology of mass consumerism.
It is clear that in order to save the planet it is the industry based model of economic growth that needs to go.
Industrialists and financiers are very aware of this, and are once again turning the problem on its head.
They have turned ecological concern of the masses into a marketing campaign for industrially produced renewable energy.
This is because they are trying to save their own profits, not the planet.
They are trying to save the “growth” based model of industrial capitalism, not the ecology.
Any form of energy, also renewable energy, that is deployed on an industrial scale in order to supply a “growth” based model of industrial capitalism will ultimately destroy the ecology of the planet.
Therefore they are putting a human face on industrial renewable energy in order to save the growth based model of capitalism which provides them huge profits.
They are up to their old tricks, and need to be exposed for the frauds they are and have always been.
The new human face of “Green” renewable industrial energy is also a fraud if its not divested from a growth based model of industrial capitalism and also is a declared anti-war of aggression position at the same time: corporate neocolonialist wars for resources are the direct result of unfettered growth based capitalism, as the supply chains of renewable energy on an industrial scale means many more wars in mineral rich regions such as Congo, and other regions of Africa.
It is the growth based model of capitalism it feeds which is the problem of industrial production, regardless of the colour of its energy.

Therefore growth based capitalism and industrial production are two sides of the same coin: you can’t separate one from the other.

Ideas, knowledge, art, hospitality, travel – these are the things which should of their nature be international. But let goods be homespun whenever it is reasonably and conveniently possible; and, above all, let finance be primarily national.

John Maynard Keynes, National Self Sufficiency (1933)

The entire first world society that has already experienced a growth based economy needs to be the first to transition towards a de-growth economy, an economy of self sufficiency where you eat and consume what you really need. This needs to happen outside the logic of consumerism promoted by industrial capitalism. Growth based industry seeks economic profits globally and it is this model which ultimately depletes the planet environmentally at a global scale and economically only enriches industrialists and their shareholders while impoverishing everyone else.
It does not matter if the new face of industry is now “Green” energy: It is still a massive fraud if it does not promote a de-growth model which moves away from industrial production for profit to production for self sufficiency (to survive on at a local scale not to sell on a global scale). That is why self sufficiency is also a key concept of the de-growth model.


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  1. The “greening” of the economy is one of the biggest con tricks being pulled on the public today. Big business and big government both want to protect their profits above all else and by using smoke and mirror tactics of magic shows….distraction from the facts….the are successfully conning the public into thinking that they are doing something to protect the environment. Like you said in your post it’s all about protecting the consumer growth economy. Never mind health, well-being and the natural world (which incidentally mankind is part of….not apart from.) We are not meant to be controlling and or destroying nature. It’s our responsibility to be and work with nature.

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