artena painting
Artena and total cosmos, by Mihaela Negrii

The following manifesto, or more precisely the following principles for an applied biourbanism were agreed on the closing day of the 4th International Society of Biourbanism Summer School which was held in Artena, Italy, between July 13th and July 20th 2019.

A biourban system can arise if it:

  1. Promotes an environment where culture governs economy and not viceversa;
  2. Belongs to a wholeness of time that spans from past to future;
  3. Enhances mutual aid and cooperation above competition;
  4. Opposes the domination of techno-sciences and favours art as knowledge and not as aesthetic entertainment;
  5. Builds peace, as opposite to the industrial city, which provides for competitiveness, conflict, and, in the end, war;
  6. Can manage and rule itself;
  7. Is based on a local, circular economy through specific, designed tools;
  8. Reconnects people to place, landscape, and bioclimatic specificity;
  9. Enhances environmental, social, cultural, and economic sustainability;
  10. Is based on biological dynamics as opposed to technological dynamics;
  11. Is a shared responsibility among its dwellers;
  12. Is compact in order to encourage social interaction and communication;
  13. Fosters sustainable and respectful accessibility and transportation.

Participants of the 4th International Society of Biourbanism Summer School included:

Melek Aksoy
Arch. Marwa Al-Sabouni
Arch. Nando Bertolini
Sara Bissen
Kevin Blythe Sampson
Prof. Arch. Tatjana Capuder Vidmar
Prof. Arch. Marco Casagrande
Béju Dudali
Arch. Fotios Katsaros
Arch. Sophia Katsaros
Zana Kibar
Arch. Ghassan Jansiz
Prof. Arch. Sergio Los
Paolo Masciocchi
Arch. Anu Mantsinen
Cesar Melgar
Arch. Gabriele Mundula
Arch. Robin Monotti Graziadei
Arch. Bas Oudenaarden
Arch. Natasha Pulitzer
Eng. Matteo Riccelli
Arch. Emmaliisa Reinikainen
Marlo Safi
Arch.Uğur Sağlam
Stefano Serafini MA
Arch. Nur Sipahioğlu
Eng. Jan Sufyan
Yeter Tan
Prof. Arch. Vibhavari Jani
Nikita Wu
Arch. Christiaan Zandstra

Also see:

Conclusion of the 2019 Biourbanism Summer School in Artena

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