Impalpable flames of yesteryear
Ravished the unity of time and nothingness
Razed the belief in renewal
Caught by the cross fire of false starts.

A decade of adventures reduced to
Misread lines from a Greek tragedy;
Forgetting the glue in the repair
Of broken hearts and fractured dreams

I drink the vial of arsenic of culpability
Abandoning myself to unmet longings.
In the land of second lives
Stories are written in blood and tears

Embrace the pain as the path to joy
Walk on burning embers
Lose yourself in particles of ash
Blowing in the wind

Reshape the form of the past
Trust the miracle of acceptance
Lean into the wind swept rainstorm
Which leaves behind the aroma of fresh starts:

In those particles you can see
The Saints and sinners
Caught in an eternal reassembly of
Ash filled clouds of lost lives

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