Many infectious diseases were eradicated in the 20th century despite of mass vaccinations, not because of them. When you look more deeply at the history of almost every single initial mass vaccination roll-out there is a history of failure and increased cases, and the decrease in mortality, if there at all, always precedes the mass vaccination roll-out, never follows it.

All our social history to do with infectious disease has been crediting the wrong people for things they never achieved. We need to be thankful to the engineers and the architects they collaborated with in building sanitary and water purification infrastructure. I am thankful to my PhD supervisor Professor Paul Quentin Hirst for taking me to Crossness Pumping Station in Bexley where this became evidently clear in a physical way to me.

Refrigerators, railways and motorways for faster food transportation in combination with perishable food refrigeration are also to be thanked, as well as all the engineers who worked on those projects too.

The most important thing to invest on is always clean water and secondly a waste and sewage disposal system which does not pollute the drinking water, not any pharmaceutical injection.

In hospital buildings natural ventilation should always be a key architectural consideration. Mechanical ventilation only where this is not possible or the climate requires heating or cooling.

Robin Monotti, Architect.
FRSA, MA, Dip. Arch, BSc.

P.S. An image is worth a thousand words:


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