Heads of the kings of Judah which adorned the facade of Notre Dame, that had been removed during the dechristianization policy of the French Revolution. (Manuel Litran Getty Images)

As G.K. Chesterton observed, the problem with the “enlightenment” (in reality endarkenment) killing of God, is that everything else then is treated as God, including people who really should be on the scale of things many notches below.

We have seen this with certain oligarchs, scientists, “medical officers” during the plandemic, and now the treatment of the death of the Queen as if she was the incarnation of a God, which she was not. All of this is symptomatic of a deep spiritual malaise in society, not that there is conspiracy and propaganda, but that people actually believe it.

This, in my view, is a direct result of the elimination of spiritual ritual linked to ethical principles and the notion of love as self sacrifice, or in other words the cultural and symbolic nexus of feeling, not rationality, which we call God.

Eliminate that and people end up believing in the Trinity of Gates, Fauci, and the Holy Queen. This is the cultural disaster that the Endarkenment has created and of which we now have to begin picking up the pieces to re-establish a moral hierarchy of things and people, out of which absolute morality, also known as absolute truth, is King, not Charles III.

One thought

  1. Yes, the Queen managed to become a sort of god by being ordinary. She must have lost a few admirers when she urged everyone to get jabbed. I wonder what Monotti means by absolute morality or absolute truth. ________________________________


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